Our great financing deal means you can get a new car today with no massive charges on top.
without dought the best car deal in the UK for credit
Satisfied customer with financed car keys
Our car financing package requires no credit check for any customer, making Grantham Motors 'The Home of Weekly Payments.' You can choose a quality, MOT serviced and cleaned car for under £2000 with us, and then pay in weekly installments.
When you come to us and choose a car, we will agree a car financing deal with you based on weekly payments. Then you can bring it to us each week or set up a standing order to pay in iinstallments. No credit check is required. So there's no need to worry about poor credit history or financial difficulties.
If you'd like to discuss our car financing package further, visit us in Lincolnshire today. We'll be happy to go over the details with you and come to a mutually agreeable deal. You can call us on 01476 594764.
CALL US TODAY! 01476 594764
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